Econintech, being a non-profit Civil Association, offers a series of educational activities and events to promote entrepreneurship and economic freedom as the best way to overcome poverty, ensure a long-run democracy and achieve prosperity. All our activities and events are offered through our Scholarship (Educational Vouchers) program, this is only possible for the generosity of our donors and sponsors. But we need to increase our fundraising to continue growing and expand our work.

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Our work is possible thanks to our donors and volunteers. Nevertheless, promoting a real economic freedom is a job that in many times is dangerous, no matter the country where you are working. For this reason, we need the help and support of all people that want to promote the free-market movement around the world. Despite at this moment we have face-to-face activities and events only in Venezuela, our On-Line activities and Social Networks have reached countries such as Canada, the United States and Puerto Rico, Mexico, Panama, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, UK, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Poland, Georgia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, among others.

For this reason, we registered Econintech in Venezuela and also in the USA as a non-profit tax-exempt organization. We have the 501(C)(3) status in the USA. All donations that people, or institutions, make to Econintech are deductible as far as Tax-laws (in each country) allow.

Despite we prefer donations in sound money, we also accept in-kind donations. Our activities require a high quantity of educational resources, such as white-sheets (Size Letter), printers, video-beans, markers, erasers, white-boards, white-screens, copies, toner, as well as institutional freebies as T-Shirts, Pens, Note-Pads, etc… If you want to make an in-kind donation please contact us. gives us the opportunity to collect some donation when you buy on its platform. The only thing you have to do for collaborating is requesting to Amazon that a little part of Amazon’s profit is donated to Econintech. Everybody can do this if buy, with their same user, through Amazon Smile (, you will have the same price of all products you buy on, the only difference is that you are requesting to Amazon donating directly to Econintech. Then, the next time you buy anything on Amazon, please follow this link: Amazon Smiles donate Econintech. Or click in the following banner:

Residents or not in Venezuela and/or the USA can make their contributions and / or donations through a Bank Transfer to the following accounts:

In US$:

US Bank: BB&T (Checking Account)

Holder’s Name: Econintech Inc

Routing Number: 263191387

Account Number: 247933530

In Bolivares:

Venezuelan Bank: Banco Mercantil  

Holder’s Name: Asociacion Civil Econintech

RIF: J-406900141

Account Number: 01050102481102176575

Or PayPal: