The publication of one of Dr. Tom Palmer’s books and the constant reach to the community through educational activities and the mass media are ways in which the organization continues to achieve its mission of promoting Venezuela’s growth and development by disseminating libertarian thought through education, information, and counseling in the areas of economics, investment, innovation and technology, and in favor of dignifying the human being.

“There is no better time than currently for introducing the ideas of freedom stated in Dr. Tom Palmer’s book ‘Why Freedom: Your Life, Your Choices, Your Future’ to the Venezuelan public. Dr. Palmer introduces the principles of classical liberalism to his readers, this is very important because Venezuelans have ignored those principles and the result is the worst economic, political, social and moral crisis of its history”, said Founder-Director of Econintech Luis Cirocco.

Over one hundred people gathered in the Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado of Barquisimeto (Venezuela) to listen to Econintech’s Directors: Dr. Neley Rueda -Academic Director-, Msc. Joel Torrez Director of Entrepreneurism- and Msc. Luis Cirocco -Founder Director-. They explained the importance to read Dr. Palmer’s book and the relevance of understanding individual freedom and the restriction of the power of the state.

Cirocco said: “We are very proud. This is an honor, to present the Spanish edition of this book in a country that needs liberty. We are very thankful to the Atlas Network and Dr. Palmer”.

Luis Cirocco during the presentation of Tom Palmer’s “Why Freedom” in Barquisimeto (Venezuela)

Dr. Rafael Acevedo, Founder-Director of Econintech, added that all the essays included in Palmer´s book allow readers to understand the true meaning of freedom. “We want people to understand that the real fight is for freedom, for the natural rights which are life, liberty, and private property, nothing more. All the other thing that people believe, for example, right to education, to have a job, to free healthcare, housing, they are mistaken, those are not rights. As Palmer says: you don’t need to read an entire library to become a libertarian. Just by defending your freedom, and respecting others’ you are more libertarian than many social media influencers who just want to be held as the only heralds of liberty”.

Acevedo also expressed his gratitude towards Palmer and The Atlas Network for supporting the grassroots work that Econintech does in Venezuela. “We appeal to the common citizen, we do not aim at politicians that have their agenda of rent-seeking, we just want to reach the average Venezuelan”

Liberating a country without freedom

Acevedo, who is currently working as Research Associate at the Free Market Institute of the Texas Tech University, explained that in the 20th century, Venezuelans exchanged their economic freedom to get political freedom and ended up having none of them.

But book publishing is just one of the activities in which Econintech has engaged as of late. Two workshops to teach people to work as online freelancers were dictated in Barquisimeto. Germán Terán, a member of Econintech’s team led the activities. “We taught the participants that all they need is access to the Internet. We tried to make it easy for people with a profession to offer their services through the freelancer platforms that are available on the web”. They also taught them how to collect the payment, through online services such as PayPal and AirTM.

In the workshop people also learned a bit about how the economy works, how inflation is created and the importance of individual liberties.

Also, Teran and Founder-Director Luis Cirocco have been invited to radio shows in their hometown of Barquisimeto to talk about entrepreneurship, economic liberties, and individual rights, spreading liberating ideas in the freedom-craving Venezuelan audience.