Our vision

The vision of Econintech is a whole world with prosperous countries with free & entrepreneurial societies, and democracies that respect natural rights

Our mision

Econintech is dedicated to promoting the ideas of the free market in the areas of economics, investment, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship by creating awareness and educating society about these ideas that will allow countries to prosper.

Our history

In the context of the worst economic, social and moral crisis of our modern history, and totally aware that the seeds of our progressive destruction are rooted in our contrary-to-market institutions and our culture, a group of professionals in Venezuela decided to join efforts to educate people on the ideals of economic freedom, concept which is many times misunderstood or purposefully used in a pejorative manner. Our intent was to contribute with such complicated endeavor by 1) creating and providing courses, seminars, workshops, conferences, and diverse activities in universities and schools, for students and for the general public; and 2) moving the knowledge frontiers through our research and publications with renowned scholars in country and abroad. In order to achieve that, Econintech, a non-profit organization, was initially founded in Venezuela and recently –in sync with our vision and mission– in USA, this has allowed us to increase our reach and look and work beyond Venezuela.

The meaning of our name

The combination of the words EconomicsInnovation, and Technology gave rise to our name. The compound term Econintech summarizes our strong belief that a free economy, open to technological diffusion and with firm and healthy institutions, protective of private property and innovation, is the most effective path towards the so wished economic development and, consequently, towards a drastic reduction of poverty.

The meaning of our institutional symbols


Econintech logo includes the figure of our wonderful planet, a clear sign that the main intent of the organization is to expand its networks and scope to embrace, with ideas, many places of the world, a world that is more and more connected every day. The “e” symbol over the planet that you can notice is the initial letter of the name. The golden yellow color chosen for that letter symbolizes the economic, moral and intellectual wealth that we promote. The two-dimensional graph inserted on the “e” is a raw representation of the growth model of Nobel laureate Robert Solow.


You will notice that our institutional shield is divided into four quadrants. The upper right one contains Econintech logo; the upper left one, a golden eagle with its wings extended, breaking the chains of ignorance and oppression with its claws; the lower right one, an opened book with the acronym RI, which stands for Research and Investigation; and the lower left one, another opened book with the acronym IT, which stands for Innovation and Technology. These books represent the set of intellectual resources required to move away from the cultural and ideological trap. The golden yellow color is, again, an explicit sign of our firm belief in generating wealth to minimize poverty, rather than in distributing wealth. The words shown within the golden cross are written in Latin and have a particular meaning:

PROGRESSIO OECONOMICA: Economic Development.

Our team

Every day, Econintech struggles with barriers of all kinds to boost entrepreneurship and economic freedom as the most effective mechanisms to reach the much desired long-lasting prosperity, both as a country and on a personal basis. All our efforts are aligned with promoting the required changes and structural reforms to really free the economy and present the greatness of freedom. In order to achieve such an authentic goal in the most efficient manner, our team is structured as follows.


President: María Lorca-Susino.

CEO-CFO: Rafael Acevedo.

Board of Directors: Rafael Acevedo, Luis Cirocco, María Lorca-Susino, Daniel Masveyraud.

Voting members (2020-2021): Rafael Acevedo, Luis Cirocco, María Lorca-Susino, Enzo Cirocco, Daniel Masveyraud, Neley Rueda, Hugo Faría, Humberto Andrade, Luis C. Marchena, Juan Manuel Bogado Torres.

Main donors (2020-2021): Atlas Network; ProAlea; Inversiones Cronos Day, Inc.  


We count on an ad honorem group of collaborators and volunteers, whose valuable help is provided by virtue of their possibilities and availability. According to the last report generated, this voluntary service has approximately amounted 250 hours per month, which represent about 60 percent of the total time spent to make all our events and activities possible every month. 

The operations team is structured in the following way:

A Program Manager (in Venezuela); an academic group of Fellows, Scholars and Researchers; a Chief Editor; a Website Administrator; and a group of Ambassadors of Econintech. All the people involved are entrepreneurs, professionals, students, and common citizens whose main motivation is to promote our Libertarian principles and ideas.

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